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Kim Kheradmandi aka Kimbo Gruff | on Tumblr (b.1989, UK)

Kim Kheradmandi, aka Kimbo Gruff, is a British/Persian self-taught artist born in Paris and raised in Ipswich, England. Heavily influenced by his experience of growing up in a typical English town, he did street art at a young age and enjoys UK urban culture and making art at night. Kimbo has developed his style over the years by trying out tonnes of ideas in different ways. He is constantly using things around him as sources of inspiration for his work, whether it is visual, sensory or audible, and ­­gains power by staring blankly at nothing in particular. Currently working and living in Amsterdam, he also collaborates and works on projects with local artists, musicians and film makers beside his own artwork. At the end of the year, he plans to move to Berlin to pursue art.

Thanks Kimbo for sharing his experience with us. Kimbo Gruff can be found with updated posts on his Behance, Facebook and on Tumblr. © All images of courtesy the artist

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Five Ships.

Main Image:

Top Left - Jerusalem Class inter-rock courier. One or two man crew. (Ganymede Flag).

Top Right - Gas Freighter. Helium 3 Variant.

Bottom Left - Lizard Industries Single Crew Courier (not atmospheric rated).

Bottom Right - UNP Customs Clipper. Viper Class.

Centre - Baffin IV Survey Ship. Two or three man crew. (Showing damage from eruptions on Io).